Top Fuel for Top Performance

The Calgary MFRC is happy to bring the Top Fuel for Top Performance workshop to our Calgary and Lethbridge Offices. If you are looking for ways to improve the health and wellness of our whole family, this is the presentation for you. 

The Top Fuel for Top Performance workshop is presented by PSP Edmonton. It will cover:

  • Top Fuel 101: Focuses on everyday eating
  • Fine Tuning Your Eating & Activity Habits
  • Fuel for Training and Recovery: Covers timing and type of food & fluid before, during & after physical activity
  • Body Composition and Weight Issues
  • Sports Supplements: What to consider before taking a supplement

 Lethbridge session of this event is on February 15, 2017– 7.30-9.00PM

This event will be in Lethbridge on February 18, 2017– 10:00AM-Noon

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