1. Personal Development and Community Integration
    At the MFRC, we know military families move frequently and that starting over in a new community is tough. We offer services and activities to help make that transition easier while enhancing your quality of life and promoting and supporting personal, family and community development.
  2. Family Separation and Reunion
    A military lifestyle is often a juggling act and a family can be separated for extended periods of time. The MFRC is here to help and support the family during absences.
  3. Prevention, Support and Intervention
    Individual and family well-being has a significant impact on military readiness. The MFRC helps to strengthen the existing capacity of individuals and families through primary preventative services. Our Family Liaison Officer keeps all requests and contacts private and confidential while providing support and service referrals as necessary.
  4. Child/Youth Development and Parenting Support
    Positive parenting and support for the care and development of children and youth contribute to the health and well-being of communities and families. The MFRC supports parents in their caregiving role and provides fun and engaging opportunities for children and youth.
  5. Family Navigator, Military Family Services and Mission: Ready
    These two government resources offer tools, information and support to military families and their unique circumstances. If you are unable to find what you're looking for, call our office for further information or referrals.

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