Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the foundation of the Military Family Resource Centre and we strive to provide a positive and supportive atmosphere where volunteers can actively contribute and be part of the team. Through this partnership of volunteers and staff, the MFRC can continue to grow and develop programs and services to its fullest potential.  
Becoming a volunteer can be rewarding and provide you with the opportunity to meet people develop new skills and share your amazing talents with others! You will gain valuable work experience while generously contributing to the quality of family life in your community.

The Calgary MFRC provides volunteers with orientation, on-the-job-training and workshops that help promote positive communications, personal and interpersonal development, and opportunities to develop skills that facilitate working in diverse groups.

Why volunteer?

  • Learn new skills
  • Share knowledge
  • Explore a career
  • Meet new people
  • Keep skills active
  • Be part of a team
  • Donate professional skills
  • Get to know your community
  • Feel good helping others
  • Make a difference
  • Most importantly - have fun! 

You may be surprised at the variety of volunteer opportunities offered: from workshop facilitation to translation services to participation on special event committees. If you are willing to share some of your time and talent - please give us a call! Check out the current opportunities below and email us to get involved.

Current Opportunities